Who do I help? My clinical experience includes working with clients who present or experience anxiety, depression, negative body acceptance/image, low self-esteem, disordered eating, intuitive eating challenges, trauma (sexual, emotional, physical), codependency, chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, adjustment challenges, confusion during identity exploration and development, sensory issues, racial tension, those wanting to recover from narcissistic and psychopathic abuse, and those wanting to increase their overall physical and mental well-being.  I am neurodiversity-affirming, LGBTQIA-affirming, and culturally competent and sensitive.  Below, I highlighted specific information about who I can help…

Transitional Stages of Life

Navigating a transition?  Learn healthy coping skills to overcome challenges that occur with transitions in your life, such as navigating through high school or college, entering or leaving the workforce, starting or ending a relationship, exploring your identity, or taking on a big endeavor in your professional or personal life.

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Highly Sensitive Persons

Do noises, lights, small spaces, and stimulating environments cause you to feel distressed or anxious?  If so, learn how to create boundaries, enhance your communication, and ultimately feel a sense of self-acceptance through counseling.

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Chronic Illness/Medical Conditions/Injury

Chronic illness and/or injury can leave you feeling mentally and physically depleted.  No longer being able to enjoy your favorite activities can lead to frustration, anxiety, and depression.  Counseling can help you navigate this challenge by teaching you skills that increase resilience, self-determination, autonomy, and ultimately self-acceptance.

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Body Image/Body Acceptance

As a positive body image activist, I can help you learn to address the underlying factors that contribute to your body dissatisfaction, and move toward challenging and changing your mindset to support a positive self-talk, growth, love (towards yourself), and a healthy relationship with movement and exercise.

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Positive Change starts with small steps!

Hi, I am Lisa,

I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (LCMHCA), which means that I help people create insight, identify challenges, think positively, and learn about themselves so that they can feel better.  I also help folks challenge self-defeating thoughts, patterns, attitudes, and behaviors so that they can rekindle a passion for life.

The path toward a life filled with love and happiness starts with a single first step: self-acceptance.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  The right mindset can make all the difference.  I believe in people’s innate ability to accept and heal themselves.  I’m the guide to help you discover what works for YOU.  Everybody deserves peace and self-confidence.  Let me walk down that path with you.

I’m here to help YOU.  I help people of all sizes, backgrounds, beliefs, and identities.  Words like black, white, latino, muslim, gay, straight, fat, introverted, and sensitive label us but they don’t define us – the need for love and self-acceptance is universal.  You are UNIQUE.  I’m here to help you THRIVE.

Can I help you with your challenges?  Here’s the fun part .. YES, I can help you!  Success requires us to work together.  Are you motivated to learn new, more positive ways of thinking?  Are you curious about yourself?  This is an exciting journey we’re about to embark on!  Are you ready?  Great, let’s get started!

Find your voice, take a step towards change…

Feeling courageous or scared?  Either way, change starts with a small step.  Contact me today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if counseling is a good fit.

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