Individual Clinical Mental Health Counseling

We offer 1-1 clinical mental health counseling that can be conducted at my office (inside or outside), during “walk therapy”, or remotely though telemental health video appointments (if a resident of NC).

Group Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Groups are currently being formed!  Check back here for more information regarding small groups (i.e. 6-8 people) which will be centered around a specific mental health challenge.

Health & Well-being Coaching

If you do not present with a clinical mental health challenge, but want to increase your overall well-being and resilience, then coaching may be the right fit for YOU!  As a International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC), National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Wellcoaches® Certified Health & Well-being Coach, CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Coach, and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (The Original Intuitive Eating Pros®), I help people reach their best health and well-being both personally and professionally.  I am trained to help you develop and implement a well-being and resilience plan by consulting and guiding you through behavioral change.

Through Barella Coaching & Consulting, LLC, I work professionally with you and coach you on nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and chronic disease management.  I also provide resilience, performance, and career coaching to those who want to feel empowered, create boundaries, add value during in-person and virtual meetings, navigate career paths, increase focus and attention throughout the day, and prioritize both personal and professional goals.  Coaching sessions are offered in-person, by phone, or by video.  The initial well-being assessment is 80-minutes in duration and $175.  Subsequent 60-minute sessions are $130.  Please contact Lisa A. Barella, PhD, ICF-PCC, NBC-HWC at 336-253-5539 or for more information and a no-cost 15-minute phone consultation to assess fit.

Mental Skills Coaching for Peak Performance

If you are an athlete who struggles with your mental game during performance, or a business executive who is challenged with staying mentally “on” throughout the day, then mental skills training will help!  I have experience working with runners, triathletes, dancers, volleyball players, soccer players, swimmers, and golfers as well as business executives.  Mental skills such as breathing, self-talk, imagery, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, emotional regulation, attention control, boundaries, delegating tasks, prioritizing, and aligning practice/work with values, strengths, and resources are critical for success in sport and business.

Through Barella Coaching and Consulting, LLC, I also work locally with sports teams in the Triad area to deliver team specific mental skills training in an experiential and interactive format.  For more information and a 15-minute no-cost phone consultation to assess fit, contact Lisa A. Barella, PhD, ICF-PCC, NBC-HWC at 336-253-5539 or

Well-being/Mental Health Presentations

Presentations on a variety of wellness topics can be presented at your school, community group, or work-site upon request.  The first 60-90 minute presentation is free, engaging, and sparks healthy discussion around wellness and mental health.

Reach out to me to schedule a presentation today!  Get Started!

Other important stuff…

At True Self Counseling of North Carolina everyone is accepted and everyone is unique.  I am LGBTQIA+ welcoming, affirming, and celebrating and don’t see people as defined by the labels that society places on us.  I want to help you live life as your true self, whatever that may be!

In addition to traditional therapy (where we sit in an office), I also offer walk therapy.  I have found that some clients best respond to therapy when moving.

For some clients, biofeedback can be useful!  Having tangible, data-driven results is important to some people.  What if you could understand how your body and your moods interact, while also getting data to track your progress?  If so, biofeedback (specifically, HeartMath) may be for you.  Our bodies are constantly reacting to our shifting thoughts, and simultaneously communicating to us regarding our moods.  Learning to influence the way your heart rate is responding in real time can help you be mindful and create a better “story” to tell yourself, while also encouraging you to breathe through stressful situations.

What to expect…

If we determine that counseling is a good fit after our free 15-minute phone consultation, then we will set up an initial assessment.  Prior to the assessment you will be emailed an informed consent and health history.  All of this can be completed confidentially online prior to our first appointment (i.e. the assessment appointment) – I have a paperless office!

WE MOVED!  Effective 5/8/2023, our new clinical office will be located at 1931 New Garden Road, Suite 206, Greensboro, NC 24710.  The office is located behind and to the left of Melt Kitchen & Bar and Nan’s School of Dance.  The street sign will say Brassfield Office Suites.  Follow the entryway up the hill to the upper lot and building 1931.  Disability parking is available.  You can enter through the main doors that say Upper Level.  Suite 206 is on the second floor and can be accessed via the elevator or stairs.

Upon arriving at the office (1931 New Garden Road, Suite 206, Greensboro, NC 27410), you can park in any of the open spots in the upper parking lot.  The office is located in the 1931 building in the upper lot, across from Imperial Koi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar.  You can enter through the front doors that say Upper Level and make your way up to the second floor either by using the stairs or elevator.  There are bathrooms upstairs and green chairs lined along the back hallway.  Feel free to have a seat in any of the green chairs.  If you see and hear my sound machine outside my office (Suite 206), then I am most likely in a session.  I will come out to greet you at your session time.  I am also happy to meet you downstairs or outside of the building, especially if this is your first visit.  Just text me at 336-660-2600 when you arrive and I will come downstairs/outside to greet you.  If the main downstairs door is locked for any reason, please call and/or text me at 336-660-2600.  If I can make your first visit more comfortable in any way, please let me know.  I look forward to meeting you!

What’s all this talk about mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, engaging in the current activity, and letting competing thoughts and agendas surface but not distract you.  Essentially, you let go of control and judgment — and just be.  For a lot of us, letting go of control can be frightening.  That’s OK – I will help you through it.  By interweaving mindfulness activities into sessions and your life, you will begin to notice a shift.  We’ll start small, with say 30 seconds, and then increase the duration as you feel comfortable.

Some mindfulness techniques that I use in session are The Relaxation Response, diaphragmatic breathing, box breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, somatic awareness, guided imagery, and biofeedback using heart rate.

Not interested in mindfulness? That’s OK!  We’ve got a host of other techniques which can guide our counseling sessions.  This eclectic bunch includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relational Cultural Therapy, Person-Centered Humanistic Therapy, Existential Therapy, a strengths-based perspective, and motivational interviewing.

Next Steps…

The next step — schedule a free 15 minute telephone consult to see if counseling is right for you at this time.

Get Started! to send an email or dial me directly at 336-660-2600.